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Oh hey, remember me? Looks like I abandoned this journal for over two months. *sigh* I guess some things never change; I'd always disappear from my LJ doll journal for long periods of time too, and I actually let my old doll Tumblr account sit for so long that it now has "blog1" attached to the URL. Oh well. My last post here was right around Easter and on Easter Sunday itself, my life took yet another turn for the not-so-great, so finding the motivation to take pictures and things has been hard, as has finding the time, as always. (Sidenote: Today, since I actually had the motivation, of course my camera battery was completely, won't-even-turn-for-five-seconds dead. So any pictures you see here are from my phone today.)

Anyway, I'm sure if you were anywhere but under a rock for the 2016 holiday season, you know about the Hatchimals craze. My job actually wound up directly involved at one point, because, even though we're a grocery store that just barely has a toy section, we did get in a few Hatchimals over the course of the season (usually maybe four at a time) but some genius didn't put them live on our website until they were already long gone. So one day, we wound up with thirteen orders in the Shop From Home department just for Hatchimals, some customers planning to come from several hours away just to get one.

I was curious about them, being a toy collector and also because I was absolutely obsessed with the original Furbies when they came out in the late 90s. I was lucky enough to get one that Christmas, though they were as hard to get as the Hatchimals, if not more, thanks to my aunt's stepdaughter who worked at drug store at the time, and from the moment I got my hands on it, all I wanted was all Furby everything, for probably a good two years or so after the initial release. I had boxes full of the McDonald's toy Furbies, a Furby backpack, Furby keychains, just about every bean bag non-interactive version they made, and even eventually a second Furby and a Furby Baby. I was even going to have a Furby theme for my birthday one of those years, but the party store in town closed down before I could get the supplies. I was a bonafide Furby nut...I even had a this little figure I'd gotten from a craft fair, of a Furby next to an acorn with googly eyes, that said "Furby Nut" right on it. So needless to say, I tend to take an interest in toys that remind me of the original Furby.

I actually got two of the newer Furbies for Christmas in 2012, and I really wasn't overly impressed with them. The colors were fun and they were cuter than previous reincarnations of the Furby, more true to the original design, but I just never bonded with them in the same way. Play was largely app-based, and also, they could switch personalities based on how you played with them and what they were exposed to, and all but one of the personalities, I personally found beyond annoying. They also had no off switch and took way too many batteries. So I've been a little wary of new electronic toys since my experiences with the 2012 Furbies, but with all the talk about Hatchimals, it was hard not to be curious.

I knew better than to try and hunt one down during the holiday season. Shopping for any toy is hard enough at that time of year, yet alone the hot toy of the season. So I put it out of my mind for a bit, and continued to try and talk myself out of wanting one. I made it all the way to May 1st, when something finally broke inside me and I realized I just had to have a Hatchimal. I'm not sure what brought it on, but I immediately went out hunting. I decided to set my sights on the Toys R Us exclusive Owlicorn, (The thing about Hatchimals is, they're essentially blind box items. Each egg has one of two color schemes of a particular species of Hatchimal, so it's best to be sure you like both options before spending the $50-$60.) because I'm a unicorn fan for life, and managed to find the very last one (the very last Hatchimal in general) on the shelf, and I just knew it was meant to be mine.

The hatching process was much quicker than I expected. I thought it would take hours or even days, but it was only about half an hour, and the next thing I knew, I had little Cleo:

 photo cleo_zps1nywtxlk.jpg

I haven't seen a Hatchimal on my TRU's shelves since that day.

I was almost surprised by how much fun I had with Cleo, especially compared to the Furbies. Hatchimals go through three stages once they've hatched: baby, toddler, and kid, and at each stage there are different things you can do and games you can play. I found the Hatchimals to be a bit more basic than the 2012 Furbies, aside from the hatching aspect of course, but I think they're way better and easier for kids to play with, and much cuter too. They're also a neat size. I can balance them in the palm of my hand.

I wasn't sure if I'd get another Hatchimal, but I was so happy with my first one that I figured I would eventually, I'd just have to find the right one. Then one day, lo and behold, I was in Target not even really thinking about Hatchimals, and I saw they had gotten in a bunch of their exclusive species, the Bearakeet! The Bearakeets had actually been my favorite when I first saw pictures of Hatchimals. I thought they had the best color schemes. I figured if I didn't get one then, who knows how long it'd be before I saw one again, so I snatched one up, and wound up with Luna:

 photo luna_zps7jajuevu.jpg

The black Bearakeet was the Hatchimal I wanted most from the very start! I could not believe my luck! I would've been happy with the white one too, I actually still want it, but the black one was the first to ever catch my eye and make me want a Hatchimal, so I could not have been happier. Cleo also kept saying "I love you" to the egg while it was in the process of hatching, which was too cute. Of course she stopped when I tried to record it. lol

After looking at lots of pictures and things online of other people's Hatchimals, I started to really fall in love with the design of the Burtle, which is the WalMart exclusive. WalMart is probably the worst store in my area for exclusives (though Target sucks too...We don't need to talk about the life size Baby Groot Funko Pop that I will probably never own...) so I figured I'd never find one, but then, a few nights ago, I finally did, last one on the shelf too!

 photo skye_zpsykv7zcyq.jpg

Her name is Skye, and, like her sister Luna, she was the color I was most hoping to get out of the two Burtles. (With the Owlicorns I really didn't have much of a preference. I guess I liked the blue one a bit more initially but now I'm glad Cleo turned out pink because my three are a nice variety of colors.) I honestly can't believe that I managed to find all three exclusive styles. I'm not sure if Hatchimals are still a super-hot item but in my area they seem to be sold out more often than not, still. As I said, Cleo and Skye were both the last ones on the shelf when I got them, and Target's batch after I got Luna sold very quickly.

I can definitely understand the popularity of these toys. The hatching element is really cute. I know I've heard stories about them not hatching, but all three of mine were fine. Skye fell asleep a few times throughout the process (so did Cleo, but not as often) but it wasn't a big deal. They also all progressed from baby to toddler to kid really quickly. I'm pretty sure Luna went through all the stages in one night! The games are fun, and much easier for kids of all ages than the app-based Furby stuff. I find them really relaxing to play with, and it's fun and challenging to put all of them in the same game mode at once and then try and keep up! They don't seem to communicate directly with each other like Furbies can, but they still tend to do things that make it seem like they are.

Unfortunately I don't have any videos at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to get some soon, and more pictures! I just really felt like talking about these three today and with a dead camera battery and a phone that likes to tell me my storage is full when it isn't, this was the best I could do. Hope it was at least somewhat enjoyable.

 photo group_zpswpm4tsjk.jpg

I think it's safe to say I'm progressing from a Furby nut to Hatchimal nut.


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