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Hopefully no one's sick of my Hatchimals yet. I'm just super into them right now and they're a huge part of my motivation to post more doll/toy stuff.

First up, yesterday my boyfriend picked me up a Penguala from GameStop. He knew I was in need of one to complete my collection of every species of Hatchimal, so he grabbed it for me. I took a couple videos of it hatching this morning:

His name is Polly-O, because from the second I saw this particular Hatchimal in pictures, I've related him to the Polly-O String Cheese mascot from my childhood.

I was lucky enough to get another Hatchimal while out and about today, but this time, the experience wasn't so great.

I wound up a different Toys R Us than my usual one today, and was actually really surprised when I walked into see that they had the Glittering Garden Hatchimals on display! They had one of the Draggles left, and four Pengualas. I debated a bit, but finally decided to just go ahead and get the Penguala, since I really love both of the color combinations you can get and, as I said in one of my other posts, Hatchimals are still pretty difficult to find in my area, so who knows when I would've seen one again? I was feeling a little guilty about spending the money, especially having just hatched Polly-O this morning, but I was still really excited and decided to hatch the new Penguala on the way home, since it was a bit of a drive.

Now, the first weird thing about my new Hatchimal was that I couldn't see her eyes flashing through the egg. This could've just been because it was so bright out, though. I know the lights were working because I peeked through the little holes from where the little keys go that you take out to activate the Hatchimal, and could see light through there. After awhile, she played the music that meant she was about to start hatching.

It was hard to hear in the car, but I could tell she wasn't making much noise, and she definitely wasn't pecking through the egg, at all. At first I thought maybe she was just going to sleep a lot, in between, but as I listened closer, I realized she was making all the noises my other Hatchimals had made both during and after pecking for a bit, only no pecking was happening. At all. I shook her around a bit more, tapped on the egg, did everything I could to try and "encourage" pecking, but it really did seem like she was trying, she just couldn't peck her way out of the egg for some reason. Again I held it up to my ear to listen, and then I realized it sounded like something was wrong with the motor that makes the Hatchimals spin around while they peck. It's hard to explain, but I could just tell that it wasn't making the normal sound. It sounded like it was stuck somehow, as if something was preventing it from moving. I gave it a few more minutes, but I was getting nervous that the Hatchimal itself was going to be defective, and it really did sound stuck, so finally I pushed in on the egg a bit and broke it open myself. She still didn't start pecking or anything; in fact, her beak was still pushed in and I was afraid it was going to stay that way, but finally I just pulled her out of the bottom of the egg like normal, and once I had the cellophane off of her wings, the beak popped out and she functioned normally.

I'd heard about some Hatchimals not hatching, especially after Christmas when there were apparently a lot of really disappointed kids, but I thought after hatching five without any problems, that any issues the company may have had had been resolved. But, since this is the newest model of Hatchimal we're talking about, apparently there are still some bugs to be worked out. I'm really not that upset about it, as I collect the toys because I think they're cute, not necessarily because I want to watch them hatch, though it is really fun, but I have to say it is a little discouraging due to the high price of these toys, and that their whole deal is hatching. I'm just glad that this particular Hatchimal wound up in the hands of an adult collector, and not a little kid who was really only it for the hatching. I get it though, stuff happens, technology's a bitch and not every one is going to work exactly right.

 photo IMG_4792_zpsbheoawir.jpg
This is the Hatchimal in question, if you're curious. As you can see, she looks perfectly normal now that she's outside of her egg. Her name is Cassie, short for Cassiopeia.

The one thing I've noticed about her is that she does have an odd bit of extra fabric around her base, and I can see more of her feet than I can on any of my other Hatchimals:

 photo IMG_4794_zpsplb1kp3v.jpg

 photo IMG_4796_zpsfo3geiq9.jpg
See? Compared to Cosmo, my other Glittering Garden Hatchimal, there's definitely a lot more going on there. I have no idea what goes on inside the egg while the Hatchimal is hatching, but maybe this extra fabric played into why Cassie couldn't seem to move around? I don't know, but I'll be curious to see if this happens to other Hatchimals in the future.

I've definitely not been put off of ever buying another Hatchimal, as I really do love the toys just for what they are. Any more that I get in the near future will likely come from eBay though, as I'm kind of at the point where I either have or don't particularly care for one of the color options in each egg, so it'd be better to know what I'm getting.
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