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I haven't been doing as much as I'd like to be doing doll-wise lately, mostly due to the fact that, on top of my horrendous work schedule, the weather has been absolutely awful, and even inside, the constant cloudiness makes the lighting rather crappy. But there are a few things I've been wanting to share pictures of, so I'm just gonna do a sort of "new stuff dump".

 photo IMG_4696_zpsxfrvi8oc.jpg
First up, the series 2 Shibajuku Girls, well, a couple of them anyway, have started showing up at Target, and I was lucky enough to find them without even really looking for them, about a week ago. This is series 2 Yoko, who may be my personal favorite of the Shibajuku line. Yoko has always been marketed as the "spooky" Shibajuku girl, which of course speaks to me, loudly, but her series 1 doll really didn't reflect that as much as it could've. She's a cute doll and I definitely get a gothy vibe from her, but the series 2 doll looks more like what I'd picture just from reading her bio. I'm obsessed with her hair clips, especially the one with the bats flying across the moon. I've never seen anything like that before and there's a possibility I may steal it for myself once in awhile, because it's awesome, and 100% me.

 photo IMG_4699_zpszioj3s4w.jpg
And this is series 2 Suki. I've considered buying series 1 Suki several times, but I'm really glad I waited for this one, because I like her much more. She actually reminds me quite a bit of Pullip Akemi, who I do also own and is tied with two other Pullips for the title of absolute favorite, so yeah, I like this Suki a lot and I think she'd be a good alternative for anyone who really likes Akemi but doesn't want to pay over $100 for her. The whole Shibajuku line really is a perfect, affordable alternative to Pullip and I wish they'd come out a few years sooner, when Pullip really seemed to be picking up a younger fanbase. Hopefully the line will still do well, though. I now own four of these girls and I definitely would like to see more.

 photo IMG_4688_zpsdiu4fmg1.jpg
Continuing the trend of finding dolls I didn't realize I was looking for, I happened upon the entire Monster High Electrified line at WalMart last week and of course, Ari Hauntington here was the first one I grabbed. I'm not sure if Spectra is ever going to return to the MH line or what, but Ari is a cute alternative.

 photo IMG_4692_zpsmg9qc6bw.jpg
I just had to get this Cleo when I saw her. She really, really stands out from other Cleo dolls. One thing that's always bugged me about Monster High is, they almost always stick to the same color palette from line to line with each doll, and I love that the Electrified line deviates from that a bit. Cleo seems to be the best example of that, with her neon eyeliner, the random bright streak in her hair, etc. I also have a thing about the ankh design so I love that that's the pattern they chose for her dress.

 photo IMG_4695_zpsuj77ip39.jpg
I was beyond excited to find the new character, Silvi Timberwolf, as well. I've wanted her since the Electrified line was announced and I'd sort of forgotten about her. Apparently she's hard to find, so I'm thrilled to have been in the right place at the right time, to get her without having to hunt, because oh, how I loathe hunting. Silvi is absolutely perfect in every way. She reminds me of a Lisa Frank character. Actually, I think I'm drawn to the Electrified line as much as I am because they remind me so much of Barbie dolls from my childhood in the 90's. The crimped hair, the bright colors, just...everything. I'm hoping to collect the whole set, because I really do love them. I actually have Twyla also, who I got for Christmas, I just haven't opened her yet.

 photo IMG_4701_zpsdgz5agh6.jpg
So, I think we established last post what a giant trash bag I am for American Horror Story, right? Well, I've been waiting on this lovely lady since October. If you don't know, this is Myrtle Snow, from Coven, the third season of AHS. Integrity Toys announced an AHS Coven line some time in...2015, I think it was? It was awhile ago, and when it didn't happen, I assumed that it wasn't going to happen, but then I found out through a friend on Instagram that it was back on, and the next thing we knew, they were taking preoders. Myrtle is one of my two favorite characters of the Coven season (the other is Misty Day) and ranks very high on my list of all-time favorite AHS characters period, so out of everyone who got made into a doll, she was the one I absolutely had to have. (They didn't make Misty. Yet.) I'm so happy to have her, there really are no words for it. Unfortunately her stand broke as I was trying to put it together, but as long as she's alright, it really doesn't matter. I can get her a new one. I'm definitely considering getting some more of the Coven dolls. Myrtle is my first ever Integrity doll, and while she seems very light for the price, I am quite impressed with the detailing and just the likenesses of the dolls in general to their characters. I just think it's really cool that these dolls exist in general, because I know that's not something that most other fandoms get.

 photo IMG_4685_zpsk3mbpg0p.jpg
And finally, not a new doll, but a new outfit. I just happened to be in TRU earlier this week and the Journey Girls clothes caught my eye. I grabbed this outfit for Lea and it looks really adorable on her. Unfortunately, though, it'll likely be the last Journey Girls outfit I buy, because it doesn't actually fit properly. The shorts are too small; the velcro won't close in the back. The tank top is pretty tight, too. Thankfully the jacket is what I really liked about it, and it hides the other issues well. It's a shame, as there were some other outfits I really liked, but what can you do? Maybe a dress would fit better; I've actually seen some videos where they don't look so bad, I think the pants/shorts are a problem because the body types are so different. Either way, I'm glad I chose the outfit with the long jacket, because she really does look adorable in it and you can't really see any of the fitting issues.

So that's the latest in dolly goings-on. Hopefully I'll be able to do more soon. I wish spring were closer to be honest, I hate not being able to take pictures outside.

Date: 2017-01-28 01:14 pm (UTC)
noelles_dolls: Big Bang Theory Penny (Smiling Penny)
From: [personal profile] noelles_dolls
Those shibajuku girls are cute. I haven't seen any of them here, not even at TRU before Christmas, but then we take longer to get anything new. I bet my niece would be all over them, I kind of like Suki cause of all the rainbows and such. Be interesting to see them in person, but they do look like a better alternative to Pullip. It really baffles me that Pullip keeps jumping in price and the quality really seems to be dropping, from what I hear.

I'm so on the fence with the MH revamp. I mean it's not as terible as EAH (I swear they did that to EAH just to end the line cause I hardly see the anymore), but I do like how colourful that line is. I love that Cleo, I may have to get her. Ari is very pretty as well, but I do hate how some of the original characters are gone. I would have loved to have seen more of ones like Gigi and Whisp, honestly.

I've heard it is very hit and miss finding other line's clothes that fit AG. The stuff you can get at Michael's seems to fit in some cases. I want to get the set with the socks, stockings and panties just for the sake of having extra, and the stockings for under dark pants to avoid staining the dolls. The OG dresses fit well, I can tell you that much. The molded plastic shoes do, but I'd be concerned there wil staining myself. I don't care too much on a cheap doll, but not a high priced one. Lea looks gorgeous in that outfit, just a shame it doesn't fit quite right. You'd think it was made for her.


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