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Hopefully no one's sick of my Hatchimals yet. I'm just super into them right now and they're a huge part of my motivation to post more doll/toy stuff.

First up, yesterday my boyfriend picked me up a Penguala from GameStop. He knew I was in need of one to complete my collection of every species of Hatchimal, so he grabbed it for me. I took a couple videos of it hatching this morning:

His name is Polly-O, because from the second I saw this particular Hatchimal in pictures, I've related him to the Polly-O String Cheese mascot from my childhood.

I was lucky enough to get another Hatchimal while out and about today, but this time, the experience wasn't so great.

Click to read about my first ever Hatchimals FAIL. )

I've definitely not been put off of ever buying another Hatchimal, as I really do love the toys just for what they are. Any more that I get in the near future will likely come from eBay though, as I'm kind of at the point where I either have or don't particularly care for one of the color options in each egg, so it'd be better to know what I'm getting.
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We got a package in the mail today and Luna was very, very excited to see what, or rather who, was inside.

(This video didn't really go as planned, but I guess Hatchimals, like pets, are quite unpredictable at times.)

We're so excited that you're here, Lumi! And I wish I hadn't had to work until 8PM tonight!


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