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Today I stopped in Toys R Us while out and about, mainly looking for the new Hatchimals blind box clip-ons. I didn't find any of those, but I did finally stumble across the exclusive Owlicorn Colleggtibles. I really don't collect the Colleggtibles, as I'm just not overly fond of them and I also have a tendency to lose tiny things, but I do like the Colleggtibles that actually are based on the same designs of the larger Hatchimals. I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of all my Hatchimals having mini-mes someday. Luckily, with the Owlicorns, it's easy to ensure you won't get doubles, based on the colors of the nests that come with them, so I was able to get the full set, and I made a little video opening them. (It's awkward because I had a lot of stuff on the bed and had a hard time setting the iPad up, and also because I'm not sure I want my face seen when this account is public, but hopefully it's somewhat enjoyable.)

So remember, if you're wanting any specific set of these, the darker blue nest matches the wave 1 Owlicorns (darker pink and blue), the aqua blue nest matches the Gittering Garden Owlicorns (aqua blue and brighter pink), and the pink nest comes with the Owlicorns that don't exist yet in large form (purple and light blue). I have a group shot here on Instagram.

The Owlicorns with their mini-selves. )

Like I said in the video, I need to do a real Hatchimals update soon! The family has grown so much from the last Hatchimal post I did here about Polly-O and Cassie! I just really, really love these toys. <3
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Hopefully no one's sick of my Hatchimals yet. I'm just super into them right now and they're a huge part of my motivation to post more doll/toy stuff.

First up, yesterday my boyfriend picked me up a Penguala from GameStop. He knew I was in need of one to complete my collection of every species of Hatchimal, so he grabbed it for me. I took a couple videos of it hatching this morning:

His name is Polly-O, because from the second I saw this particular Hatchimal in pictures, I've related him to the Polly-O String Cheese mascot from my childhood.

I was lucky enough to get another Hatchimal while out and about today, but this time, the experience wasn't so great.

Click to read about my first ever Hatchimals FAIL. )

I've definitely not been put off of ever buying another Hatchimal, as I really do love the toys just for what they are. Any more that I get in the near future will likely come from eBay though, as I'm kind of at the point where I either have or don't particularly care for one of the color options in each egg, so it'd be better to know what I'm getting.
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We got a package in the mail today and Luna was very, very excited to see what, or rather who, was inside.

(This video didn't really go as planned, but I guess Hatchimals, like pets, are quite unpredictable at times.)

We're so excited that you're here, Lumi! And I wish I hadn't had to work until 8PM tonight!


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